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Angle Consulting


Location: England
About the project:


Angle Consulting is an exclusive, top of the market engineering consultancy. Angle Consulting provide tailor-made designs and solutions at the sharp end of the engineering market, be it for the UK Olympic cycling team or Formula 1 teams. Unfortunately their company image nor their website mirrored Angle Consulting's cutting edge expertise. Veroccio were commissioned to drag Angle's corporate and online image into the 21st century.

Rebranding and Logo Design

The foundations of Angle Consulting's brand and logo were established and in all honesty needed a certain level of tweeking without any need for total plastic surgery. Using holistic principles of design, the brand and logo were developed to have an innovative and up to date image. In the process, a short Logo Intro video was created to enhance the brands values.

Web Design & Development

Angle Consultancy's original website was based upon the original principles of web site design and functionalability. Veroccio developed and developed angle's website to highlight and strengthen the new company brand. In addition the website was revolutionised from being a passive display window into a fully developed interactive front office to highlight all that is outstanding at Angle Consultancy.



News & Articles

Within the website a special section was developed to create and maintain client interest through news about the company and the publishing of pertinent and upto date articles that enhance the viewers' experience whilst visiting www.angleconsulting.com . In the future this may also be developed into an interactive back office to enhance and enable clientelle to utilise the site to have seemless communications with Agle Consulting.

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