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Branding for success

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Branding for success


Don't be afraid of simple shapes. World reknowned designer Aaron Draplin has spoken extensively about the importance of designing simply, eliminating the extra stuff, cutting out the fluffy details and getting down to the essential shapes. While there is a place for detail, simplifying designs almost always strengthens them.

What is Branding?

Branding is a wonderfully sharp double edged sword!

Why double edged?
Well because branding is the best method for a company to firstly engage with ALL its employees from bottom to top. A good brand encompasses the vision , the company's ethos, the company's qualities and goals for all who work within the company bound by the brand. On the other hand brand encompasses the company's identity, the company's ethos, the company's qualities, its services and unique selling points to the outside world.

By creating a strong, simple and clear brand a company is able to engage with its workforce and it's target market as one!
A simple, clear brand is easy to buy into and create brand acknowledgement and loyalty.
A good brand is a way of life!

Why is Branding Important?


At the end of the last millenium the time that it took for a customer to engage a product/service or company (Engagement Time) was approximately 15 seconds. In 2018 the engagement time has frightenly been cut and now we are talking about 8 seconds. Therefore "Brand Recognition" is essential to catch the attention of a potential target market and maintain brand loyalty of established market segments.


For any company small or large good branding is the embodyment of all that is important in it. The BRAND is the focus that binds all the internal elements of that company. The larger, the more diverse and more multinational/multicultural a company the more important the Brand is to maintaining an unified self-identity.


In general people like to be associated with positive values, strength, popularity and success. 

What is Good Branding?

A good branding package:

Remains consistent across all forms of representation from the logo to printed materials and use in ads;

Evokes a positive emotional response from your target audience;

Motivates people to purchase your product or service;

Gives a sense of business credibility;

Conveys your corporate culture; and

Encourages customer loyalty through recognition.


Not just a Logo

Your Logo Is Not Your Brand

Even in today’s business climate, there seems to be a lot of confusion around what Branding is, and how it serves a business. And while that’s to be expected from those outside the industry, the problem appears to be just as pervasive among those who claim to sell the service. How can a decision maker invest in brand development with any confidence, when the advice they’re given is often misleading?

Branding Methodology

Explaining our unique methdology based on years of experience, showing a few samples for a branding proccess and a link to the methodology pillar page which will explain it with much more details











Branding Case Study

This was a company going nowhere. A web based enterprise whose core product not only let them down. It DID NOT WORK!

Veroccio revolutionised both the brand and the complete FUNCTIONALITY of SportsRush!

Here is an opportunity to see the process of rebranding of SportsRush:

Why Rebranding is so important

Companies that do not renew or innovate lose their competitiveness, their control and their relevance are bound to regress.


People, companies, markets and life itself is DYNAMIC. Change is an inevitable factor of all our lives and so change is imperative to the welfare and success of every company internally and externally. Rebranding is as much a fact of life as "The birds and the bees!"

Branding for success

Branding for success