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SportsRush Branding Process

Case Study

Josh Bloch 3,736

SportsRush aka Vikisports is a website that through predicting results in various leagues and sports aims to generate extra income for "Grassroots" clubs in local sports.

explain a bit on the process

Option 1

main characteristics: exclusive, prestige, in motion, flexible, doublesided
color: orange and grey/silver
the extreme contradiction between the thin and delicate font wording as opposed to the robust initials give a unique
presence to the logo.
the orange and grey colors derive from known sports brands apparel and other products, giving an extra look and feel
of a sports brand in its own.

option 1 - Proportions

Option 1 - Business Cards

Option 1 - Web Concept















Option 2

main characteristics: fast moving, rough, decisive, interlocking, down to earth
color: black and Cian (light blue)
The S & R initials on a single black background turns them into a single unifed shape creating a strong and lasting presence.
The bold and slanted tag name complements the initials, giving it a sports media vibe.

Option 2 - Proportions

Option 2 - Business Cards

Option 2 - Web Concept













Option 3

main characteristics: fast moving, news
color: red & Black

Option 3 - Proportions

Option 3 - Business Cards

Option 3 - Web Concept













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