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Location: USA
About the project:

Rebranding process

A comprehensive and holistic REBRANDING process was required ny Mobilicom. Mobilicom undertook a strategic analysis process of all factors and angles of the company. Veroccio received the data, conducted  comprehensive market research of both their target market and competitors.

Veroccio were comissioned to create, design and present a number of very different concepts from each other with the view that Mobilicom would ultimately select the concept that best serves the Mobilicom's guiding principle: - MAKING IMPOSSIBLE MISSION CRITICAL COMMUNICATIONS POSSIBLE 

Icon Family

Veroccio was commissioned to design a family of icons that characterize the company's PILLARS (The foundations on which Mobilicom is built).

The icons appear in all the marketing printed material of the company and  as interactive icons on Mobilicom's website. 

Market Verticals Icons

Veroccio  developed a family heirarchy of icons as marketing verticals. Mobilicom now can focus on this family in order to create a clear differentiation  in vastly differing  target markets that are relevant to the Mobilicom.

Brand Book

At the conclusion of the branding process, Veroccio provided the company with a wide and comprehensive branding book that provided Mobilicom guidelines in order that Mobilicom would have an indepth understanding how to independently use all the visual rules regarding the brand. A standard for displaying logos accurately and the use of various media colours, fonts, marketing materials for print,



The design and development of the company's website

Mobilicom were very aware that their website was very outdated and irrelevant to where they stood in the market. In addition they were convinced that the old website caused only damage to the brand and the company.

A major part of the company's rebranding process was dictated by the process of in depth market research. Veroccio in cooperation with Mobilicom were careful to characterize and define Mobilicom's new website in detail, based on the new marketing strategy and how best to serve the company's goals.
In accordance with the exact characterization, the design of the new site was completed and the new site was developed, with the addition of unique features, products and on-line working space.


After launching Mobilicom's new website. Veroccio were requested to look at developing an online service that would provide clients a secure environment to work directly with Mobilicom online. Veroccion developed and built a cyber secure; PARTNERS ZONE, which provides a separate secure entrance to the company's business partners in order to download classified materials / limited marketing materials and materials for printing, etc.

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