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About Us
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What is Veroccio?

Veroccio is an international market leader in the design and development of

bespoke websites and e commerce environs.

From Verocchio to Leonardo Da Vinci to Veroccio

Verocchio's 16th century Studio was one of the first to form a multi & interdisciplinary design studio. Today's Veroccio operates under the asumption that by using experience from several design and programming disciplines, they can continue to be innovative and creative in their field.

Virtutem Forma Decorat - Beauty Adorns Virtue

Beauty Adorns Virtue is a direct translation of the phrase in Latin Virtutem Forma Decorat. The meaning is that great design is based on strict universal laws of functionality and context. these laws govern the way we see the world and nature itself. In business, we at Veroccio believe deeply that our success is entwined with our clients' success. Maintaining a pro-active and innovative policy for our clients guarantees we all maintain market advantage on our competitors. 

Experience in a Wide Range of Fields

Veroccio's field of expertise ranges from branding, web design, web development, web management to e commerce. Clients range from toys to defence industries, from fashion to engineering, from sports to real estate...

Innovative design, innovative web development and innovative marketing guarantee that you will stand out from the rest!

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